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Agimat and The World Beyond is a 2D platformer-adventure game based on Philippine mythology

Atycia World Beyond



It starts with Bathala, who once build a happy and paradise-like place called Earth. He is known for being the most powerful that leads the balance of human race and different creatures living on Earth and Atycia, a place of restless entities waiting to attack and cause destruction to humans. Aside from Bathala are Apolaki and Mayari, the guardian of peace of the two worlds.

As time passes, Bathala discovers that the cause of imbalance on Earth were the wicked creatures who sow terror on humans. He, then, put them back on Atycia, the place where he holds up those evils destroying the peace that he maintains. Every time he puts those creatures back, an eclipse was seen. But one day, Bathala gone missing, this causes the start of war of Apolaki and Mayari, battling for the role of next Bathala.

Except for Apolaki and Mayari, a creature named Naga joined the war thinking they might be the right leader. Humans are scared on what was happening, a boy named Rahu, stand up and tried to beat the three. Rahu trained himself and discovered an item that produced power to beat those monsters, later on he called it “Agimat”, he also learned the true form of the Agimat was to turn himself as a monster like Naga.

He thought of ways on how to defeat Naga, Apolaki and Mayari, then he realized that the source of power of those three were the moons. Rahu starts to eat one moon at a time, he’s determined to be the next hero protecting the Earth but as he ate the fifth moon, he starts to see things differently. Blinded by the powers he attained, his objective on protecting the Earth changed.