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Agimat and The World Beyond is a 2D platformer-adventure game based on Philippine mythology

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FAQ Page

What should I know about this game?

It is a game that that will dig out the mythical history of your beloved country. A place of mythical creature unknown to many, may even frighten those who knows them. Agimat: The World Beyond is a 2d platformer game that shows us the “forgotten” creatures that’s dwelling in these lands with us long ages ago. It is based primarily on Philippine folklore, the myths, superstitions, beliefs and historical places are adapted.

What is a 2D platformer game?

A platformer is also called a 2D action game. A game that features two-dimensional graphics in that mainly revolve around a character controlled by the player, which runs and jumps to avoid obstacles and/or to defeat enemies. At the end of each level, there is usually one major obstacle, usually in the form of a bad guy which the player has to defeat. A gameplay that a gamer can easily adapt. In platformers and games in general, it can be easy to implement a feature, but it is the attention to the smallest details that make each individual feature so great.

Where can I play this game?

Each gaming device offers a variety of opportunities for game play. Different games, sometimes with different ratings for the same game, are offered on various brands and platforms. The two broad categories of game platforms: non-portable that refers to PCs and game consoles and portable refers to those handhelds like mobile devices. For the final release, Agimat and the World Beyond will be available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox and also Mobile devices.

Who are the target users?

Due to the way certain games classified the age rating according to their content, therefore age ratings are implemented. Agimat and the World Beyond is classified as R-13 since it contains one or more of the classification criteria such as horror, cruelty, and violence in a way that is likely to be harmful to the public good if made available to people under 13 years old.

When will it be release?

Agimat and the World Beyond is still on the development phase, wherein the most complex and challenging stage, but here the magic happens and the idea of the game is brought to life. There will be an early access to some users this last quarter of 2021, the purpose of this early access is to help provide valuable feedback and input in order to help the developers improve the game. Then, final release will be on last quarter of 2022 to first quarter of 2023, specific date is uncertain because it depends on the result of the beta and ‘on developers position about it.

Can I be a Beta Tester of this game?

Before the final release of the game “Agimat and the World Beyond”, a series of Beta test to evaluate the game performance and the complete game features and to generates unexpected feedback concerning user experience, product quality, and interoperability. Yes, we’re in need of beta testers. Before the final release date, we’ll search for some persons who’s skilled on this field. Interested individuals may email or contact us through this website.

If I want to support your project, is there a way to back you up?

A crowdfunding campaign boost and supports our project for a better and wide opportunity to the market, to encourage more investors and individuals. If you want to back us up, we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, you may visit this website for more updates. You may also contact us through emails for other details. Thank you so much for your interest and support!