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Agimat and The World Beyond is a 2D platformer-adventure game based on Philippine mythology

Lukas and Lily Brace yourself! These brave teenagers face off the darkness of their past, a change of goals and lifestyle for the sake of humanity. Lukas and Lily unveil the power of their Agimat upon fighting mythical creatures on their journey to the World Beyond.


Survive a mix of strange, horrible, and often frightening elements! Those mythical creatures from different superstitions and beliefs was hanging around the corner, hiding in the dark and waiting for a time to strike you. Hunt them down by preventing their attacks or battle them with your abilities!

Lukas and Lily!

Lukas is the playful and naughty one but he’s an overprotective brother. He is fond of animals or any living creatures and beasts alike. He is an explorer, he has this attitude of doing something he likes no matter how long, how far or what it takes. He can easily be distracted; he needs help from his sister to stay focus on what he’s doing. Lukas was great at problem solving, he has an imaginative and creative mind.

Lily, a happy go-lucky girl with a strong personality, she has this looks on her eye who can make one feels the chill. She loves to spend her free time reading books related to comics style and anime. She can multi-task, she wants everything properly arrange. Aside from her tough character, Lily has the soft side when it comes to her family.

Aside from the powerful weapons of agimat, its true form was to turn its owner to a mythical creature. Lukas agimat true form is an aswang, a sturdy, well-built creature. And Lily’s agimat is a manananggal, enables her to fly in a fast-pacing movement and its fingers can change into long, sharp claws.


Explore undiscovered caves, mystical island, and magical forests inspired by the Philippine modern world setting. Get rid of your fears to take an adventure on the forgotten and forbidden lands full of strange creatures. Brace yourself for a creepy yet exciting trip to the World Beyond!

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    Agimat and The World Beyond, a 2D platformer-adventure game that will revive our knowledge about these various entities living in this world. It is based primarily on Philippine folklore: myths, superstitions, beliefs, historical and famous places are adapted.

    The impact of motivational factors of a trailer can add more engagement to viewers, to increase competitive advantage among others. This video displays Lukas and Lily, a glimpse of the mythical creatures and their journey to the world of Atycia, come and join them.

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